Project: Women in a men's world 

This photographic project that I hope will someday become a book aims to highlight women who work in male-dominated occupations. The power of photography is immeasurable and must help us change attitudes from an early age. 

In collaboration with the Swedish communication agency Fair Communications we want to develop a new imagery which is free from stereotypes, not offensive, not objectifying and which represents diversity.

Elisabet, Weronica, Anette, Petra, Linnea and the others that you have the honor to see here volunteered in this project and allowed me to follow them for a few hours during their working day. 


They gave me the opportunity to discover their reality. This project is a report in the rough, without embellishment or makeup on women, who, every day despite the ideas received and stereotypes, actively participate to the development of our society.

I thank all of them from the bottom of my heart, as a photographer but also and especially as a woman.

Do you have a friend, a sister, a colleague or a neighbor who could/would like to participate to this project? Maybe you are yourself a woman who wants to change how the world is perceived? Dont't hesitate to contact with me (contact information below), it does not cost anything and it does not hurt either! I look forward to hearing from you or from the person you want to recommend to me!

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Below you will find my portfolio. Portrait, Corporate, Food, Real Estate, Achitecture and Street are what I love to Photography.


In need of portrait for you and your company or simply to highlight your Linkedin profile?  Do you want to have lovely family pictures? No problem! No need to go to an expensive studio where you might not feel comfortable. I come to you with my pop up studio. We do the shooting in your home / office. You can change outfit without counting and take care of your kid or pet at the same time. I take pics for both private persons and companies. 

Maybe you have a restaurant but the competition is hard? Modern and professional photos often make the difference and make your company more attractive on your website and on social media. In that case neither, no need to worry, we can fix your pics easily for a very competitive price. Have a look below into the food section to all the restorers who trusted me...

Time to sale your "home sweet home"? You will definitively need professional pictures in order to maximise your deal. I take pictures for both private persons and companies (hotel, Airbnb etc...) 

Or you simply want to put some colors on your walls at home or in your office? Have a look at the Architecture & Street section below, you will definitely find what you need. All the pics are for sale. Just send me a message.

As you can read it's very simple. Contact me with your questions, if you need a quote or just to take a coffee!



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chambre vide

Real Estate

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Architecture & Street

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I'm French! Yes I am! And I live in Sweden!!! Yes it's true. Well, both are more than compatible, trust me...and they are today the key to my fulfillment.

I'm a "Life photographer". To meet people, to find the special place and the good angle, to play with light is what I prefer in photography. I love contrasts. So if you need pastels pass your way :-).

I love the work of Diane Arbus, Yann Arthus Bertrand, Sebastiao Salgado, Annie Leibovitz and Paul Hansen for instance...

Photography is a long process, I need to feel something special before I shoot. That's why when it comes to portraits I use to meet my models severals days before the shooting day to maturate the discussion we have, the images they want me to take and finally the work I deliver to them.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions, if you want a quote or simply for a coffee.

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